Love is…

Love is being there for your partner when they can’t be there for themselves

Love is buying your wife big, giant maxi-pads after pregnancy

Love is cooking, cleaning and shopping for your wife when she doesn’t feel well

Love is taking care of your newborn baby all night so your wife can get enough rest to go to work the next day

Love is washing your wife from head to toe in the shower because she just had surgery and can’t do it

Love is supporting your wife as she starts her first career which take up too  much of her time (your time)

Love is building your wife’s self-esteem back up after the birth of your child

Love is never being afraid of a dirty diaper

Love is helping your child use the bathroom when he’s constipated

Love is crying at your wedding

Love is always cooking dinner

Love is many things that can’t be named but are done by my husband everyday


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