The New Beginning

I am an avid OPRAH follower. I have been since I was 10. I also loved Martha Stewart til she went to jail while I was in college. Now I have no time to watch her anymore. I traded my TiVo for baby time. After baby time, is bed time. Sorry Martha. But Oprah has been on this “Spiritual” kick lately. She even has a life class coming up about finding your self and what you really are passionate about. That is something that I have pondered lately.

My mother was involved in a serious car accident on Sept. 8, 2011. To sum it up, She almost died. But that got me thinking about what is most important in my life.  What can I live without? What can I not? What kind of role model do I want to be? A consumer or a creator? I’ve seen some children really embarrassed about their parents for years.  They just have this look, like “God, I wish I wasn’t with her.” I don’t want to be that mom.


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