Birthday in Training

I took Bradley to his cousin’s second birthday today. He was in a bad mood because he refused to take a nap today and he has been ill for the past week or so. I don’t know what his problem is. He falls in the floor, kicking his feet like a crazy little man. Now he has this screech, that he lets out when he doesn’t get his way.  FYI: He turns two on Christmas Eve this year. So I know about the terrible two’s it’s just hard to handle after working all week and trying to rush around for a birthday party with your child breaking the birthday present in half and laughing about it, really? What happened to my sweet boy? He appears a few times a day but this evil disease of the terrible two’s has crept in and took over my sweet baby.

Anyway, today at the birthday party, I noticed how we force our kids to rush through a sea of presents all at the same time, refusing to give them a break to enjoy what they just pulled out of the sponge bob wrapping paper. They are commanded to take a quick look then put it away and keep digging for more, and more, and more.  We force them to dig for more and more presents resulting in the expectation to always keep digging there might be more (and more). No wonder they appreciate the small amount of gifts. They have been taught to always expect more, just keep digging.

Side note: I have realized that I was doing the same thing. I train Bradley is always get a balloon at the Dollar Store rather than fighting with him about it in the store. It’s only a $1, right?

So as I sit here thinking about the fact that I already scheduled an appointment to talk to the Children’s Museum for Bradley’s birthday this year in my Blackberry, I was just as guilty. I was planning my child’s second birthday party at the museum, lavishing him with presents to make my guilt for being a working mom and not sending (what I feel) enough time with him.

I just realized that he will always expect this, every year, even if we are broke. If I train him now with a huge party and lots of toys, he will always expect a lot of things. As he gets older, there will be less digging to do because he’s toys will get more expensive so the number of individuals will decrease, will his happiness with his parents income level decrease as well?

Hopefully not, but it is something to ponder.

Side Note: Bradley jumped right into his cousin’s little power-wheels when we were at the party. He knew what he was doing and picked a huge fit when I made him get out. Secret: I definitely don’t fill guilty now about the one I put on lay-a-way last week! Go Mom!


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