Failure is a Must

I successfully pledged to post a daily blog and then failed to do so all within 48 hours. yay! Go me! I’ve already been called out by a fellow blogger. Ok, Seriously, yesterday was exhausting.

My mother was involved in a pretty serious car accident a couple of weeks ago. She was in the process of cleaning out her old house and getting a tenant put in. Well, her tenant decides to back out of the lease after we held the property for 45 days for her and since my mom has no use of her hands right now, (post to come explaining my mom’s accident) , I had to drive out to her old house and with a lot of help from a very sweet, potentially saint-like family, The Land’s, to help me get the rest of her stuff packed and moved to storage.

We worked most of the day while Bradley flung himself on the floor every time we refused to let him do something dangerous like climb in the step ladder and beat the wall with the hammer. I’d say “no,” he would start screaming but by now I just ignore him so I hate it for other people but now I know what it’s like to have the screaming kid in the grocery store and it sucks! I just wanna slap myself sometimes for not being a more mean parent. I always give in to Bradley and the hubby. I’m a sucker.

So after a long day of packing and hauling, we finish up one hour before I am supposed to rent another potential tenant so we decide to wait on her, screaming kid and all. And of course seven minutes after her scheduled appointment, she calls to say that she needs to reschedule. I was a little upset and a little relieved at the same time, I so wanted to be at home. My hubby let me chill out for a little while once I got home which prompted a very long nap that a woke from at 2:00am to Bradley waking up in his crib. We just wanted someone to hold him until he went back to sleep, which lasted until 4:00am. I’m back up at 7:30am, showered, doing laundry, and about to get ready to head to work. I wish my only goal by 10:00am was to write a couple of meaningful blogs but I’m still chasing the rat for a piece of cheese Monday through Friday like so many others. I’m so ready to become a full time gardener and homesteader but we have to make the money first.

First came the money for the chicken, then came the chicken and the egg. Mystery Solved!



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