Aging Already?

I read a blog recently of a women with three kids that just lost her husband in his 30’s. I was so shocked that death by heart attack could attack someone so young. I could not imagine losing my husband and then raising three kids by myself but it did make me think of what could have happened if it had not been for my hubby going to the doctor recently.

Like many Americans, we have no health insurance. My hubby happened to get his cholesterol checked by a nurse recently that determined it was 255 which is considered dangerously high. We had no idea that my hubby could have a heart attack or stroke at age 26? Really? I thought we had to be like-40? No offense to 40-year-olds but we just thought we had until the other side of 30 to worry about these things but apparently not.

It terrifies me that if we had not had that chance encounter with that nurse, we could have easily lost my hubby and my son’s father.  We immediately tossed most of the bad food in the fridge and stocked it with healthy food. I totally changed our meal plans to incorporate more healthy foods. It has been a struggle to change, we are definitely a meat and potatoes kind of family.

Today did bring some bittersweet news. Bradley had the sniffles today so I took him to the doctor instead of going to the office. He ran around the waiting room, making a fool of himself like nothing was wrong. He even discovered the water fountain.

Bradley discovers fountain

He thoroughly enjoyed playing in the water and making a big mess while I secretly wanted to beat him into next year, I tried to stay calm and smile even though I know the eyes were rolling. Wish I could care less.

And I’m going to be an Aunt. My younger sister had her first ultrasound today. She is 7 weeks so let the countdown to Baby Baldschun begin. I’m so excited. Expected date is May 14th. My wedding anniversary is May 19th and her hubby’s birthday is May 11th. Pretty cool.


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