A Marketers Job is Never Done…

Between Bradley being sick and my mom’s car accident, I still have to plan two huge events at work. One is a quarterly festival we have been putting on all year, the next is a breast cancer benefit that I have been working on for a while too. Both are just 3 weeks away and I am so far behind. Or at least I feel that way. When your full attention isn’t in it, you feel like your forgetting something all the time.

To be honest, I’m just worn out. I’m looking forward to the holiday season running smooth by finishing my booking calendar for the year and enjoying the holiday parties. Well, I just organize the parties, then I go home and crash while they actually happen.

I still only have a few items for my silent auction (stressed) and I don’t feel like the events have had enough of my attention. I’m so ready to get away for a few days and relax but that doesn’t seem within reach for at least another month.

Everything will work out (one way or another)….


2 thoughts on “A Marketers Job is Never Done…

  1. Stephanie Bennis says:

    I can completely relate to always feeling like you’re forgetting something when you’re attention is divided. Events aren’t easy to plan, but I’m sure everything will work out, especially when one is to benefit a good cause like breast cancer!

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