Long Day

Boy, today was a long day. My mom went back into the hospital to have surgery on her arm. She had dead tissue that they had to remove. She will need a skin graft later but for now she is doing ok.
She is so pitiful. I feel guilty for being with my own family at home. I did do a little extra cooking because she should be going home tomorrow and I want to make sure to feed her this time. I felt so bad because she was spending so much on take out and I was just so busy I didn’t notice until she went back into the hospital. I need casserole suggestions. I’ve “google-ed” some today but I had to cook what we had before it went bad. So she will have chicken and broccoli alfredo and italian pork chop with squash casserole. Tomorrow we really need to eat the hamburger helper that I bought 6 months ago and we keep skipping over it every night.
Bradley does feel better today so that’s good. No major problems with him so that’s good. Scott doesn’t feel good as always so I sit here typing on my Blackberry in the dark, on the couch. Tired…


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