I need a Beer and a Cigarette

http://world-tobacco.blogspot.com/2011/05/asheville-man-stole-beer-cigarettes.htmlIt’s been a terrible couple of weeks. With my mom and my hubby not feeling well, ugh! Bradley screaming for no reason, just because he can. Work, work, work. I get so tired of being an overworked, under-appreciated mom, wife and employee.

To top it all off my Birthday is next week, not really looking forward to it. We are still playing catch up from the those high ass energy bills over the summer and my husband’s unpaid tickets, we are so broke. Nevermind I drove him two hours away and we paid over $200 for him some bullshit game he wanted for his birthday. I asked him what he was doing for my birthday and he said “i thought you were going shopping”. I mean What the Fuck? No cake, no candles, no gifts, no card, no dinner with family, just “Go Shopping” I’m too fucking exhausted to go shopping. All I fucking do all day is run around for him, work, my boss, my mom, my kid. When can I sit down and chill? I need a beer and a cigarette! (I actually don’t smoke or drink beer) but that’s what I always hear people say so damn it “I want a beer and a cigarette too.”

I’m sure everything will work out, I’m just tired of being last all the time.


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