Birthday Party Planning

Planning Bradley’s birthday party is tough. He was born on Christmas eve and we live in a single wide trailer with just a lot space so having a party on his birthday at our house is a disaester. Plus it’s cold so we have to have it inside but where is the problem. We live in the center of the state, yet we are 30 years behind the times. The only fun area to take your kids are 30 miles away (out of town). I work in the heart of our downtown community that I have grown to adore over the last two years. I sat at my desk Friday combing through my mental picture of what buildings are available for a kids birthday party and I landed at the Children’s Museum. I don’t think they do enough to advertise and get people in but they are a small staff and a non-profit. The facility is great. Located in the heart of downtown with ample parking available and plenty to do for all ages plus you can stroll down Main Street after you leave the party. FUN!

Plan for his 2nd Birthday:

Party at the Children’s Museum

Reserve space $175

Reserve photographer $50-$100

Gifts for Bradley $100

Decorations/Cake $100

Gifts for other kids $30

Not having to juggle a clean house, Christmas presents, Christmas dinner, kid’s birthday, clean up from kids birthday, and making his birthday feel special as opposed to piggy-backing off of Christmas, priceless.


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