Gardening Attempt 2012

This is my first year at gardening. I’ve watched Garden Girl TV and followed backyard gardeners all through the fall to learn how to grow vegetables, make raised beds, learn to love manure and compost and most of all I learned that gardening can be way more complicating than these green thumb hippies let on. The promo videos are great but no one’s there to remind you that you left your seedlings out all night in the cold. This is my attempt to teach myself gardening.

Right now it’s Feb. 12, 2012. It’s 47 degrees outside and is bitterly cold. I planted lettuce and spinach seeds in miracle grow in a seed starter tray on Feb. 4, 2012. They have been doing well. I placed them in a sunny window but we don’t keep that part of the house warm always to save on heat so they are being exposed to some pretty cold temps at night. If this batch fails then I plan to try again in April when it seems everything is ready to plant.

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Now apparently the next step is to let them grow a little while then thin them out by clipping away the ones not doing so well. I feel like I should spread them out a little more. The package says 6-12 inches apart. But that’s in ground. Not sure what I’m planning on doing yet. I’ll keep you posted..


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