Update: Lettuce and Spinach Mold 2.16.12

I checked on my spinach this afternoon and I looked at the bottom.  This is what they have mold covering the bottom. I guess I shouldn’t have used the cardboard material seed starters. I should have used plastic or something else that wouldn’t mold. I’m not sure, but I’m trashing these just in case this is dangerous to eat. Not too much wasted on them. Glad I only planted a few to see how they do. I plan on waiting a few weeks during which I plan to finish preparing my garden. I measured a spot in my yard today that gets great sun most of the day.  I’m going with a space that is 14 feet long by 6 feet wide. My plan is two raised beds with a small walk through in between for sitting, kneeling, working, etc.


4 thoughts on “Update: Lettuce and Spinach Mold 2.16.12

  1. Richard says:

    Oh no, what a shame. Luckily not too much time or effort has been lost as a result but I guess it must be a bit dispiriting for you. Were they particularly damp or lacking ventilation? Or do you think the seed starters themselves are contributing to the problem?

    • kristenoneal7 says:

      I did a little research last night, I think they were lacking proper ventilation. I also read that if it’s white mold, they are still ok but if it’s dark or green mold, trash them. I’m just plan on starting new seeds the first of March for planting after our last frost on March 24.

    • kristenoneal7 says:

      You are on the right track. My plants were placed in a partially sunny window but were over-watered so white mold developed and I didn’t have enough ventilation. I would definitely use a different type of container like plastic or a coffee can with lots of drainage.

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