My Garden Update

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been busy, busy with work and family lately.  I stopped by a hardware store today and picked up a soil test kit. I really was looking for manure but stumbled upon the kit for $7 and decided to say, “What the hell?.”  After testing 3 areas of my yard that have been deemed garden space, the results determined my soil to be acidic to slightly acidic. So now I will be spending about $10 at the hardware store for a bag of lime to help restore balance to my soil. I hear that lime is slow so I guess I better get busy this weekend on finishing my garden that I have been unable to tend to. My sister’s shower took up one weekend and the next my son had a fever until Sunday. So I have made little progress. I did purchase some vermiculite. I’m not sure why the bag says it helps with drainage but I saw a friend of mine use it in his garden on youtube and he lives in Georgia like I do so I figure it can’t hurt.

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I also noticed that my azaleas that I planted last year were in full bloom and gorgeous even as tiny little things. They were my first mark in the soil and the first thing I’ve grown ever, so I’m happy to show how well they are doing.  I have also included some of my soil results so you can see what they look like.


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