Better than expected

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I must say that I was so excited about starting my first garden this year. The idea of growing food for my son and husband to eat immediately got my attention. Unfortunately, the glamour of being a backyard gardener overshadowed many problems I immediately have encountered.

First, we extremely limited on space. So my dad and I built me two raised beads. I didn’t have even close to enough dirt to fill my beds so I had to buy over $100 worth of compost and soil. ugh! So, the money I had budgeted for seeds and pretty much everything else went into my soil. Granted, I will have that soil for next year but it was a shocker for me.

Second, I started my seeds inside first as the packages suggested. I planted squash, spinach, peppers, and carrots. My home doesn’t have a sunny window that my two year old can’t reach (he helps/destroys anything right now) so I have to rely on a window that only gets afternoon sun. That created a mold problem which I cured by leaving them outside on my deck during the day to get sun and reduce the mold problem. When I would return home from work, they would be gone. Some looked mashed down. So, I replanted. Same thing. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and I was getting really frustrated. After a while, I figured out it was the birds. They finally left a huge beak whole in one of my trays. They were just eating the plants and seeds. As May rolled around, we were loading up the car for our annual trip to Florida, I tossed 8 lima bean seeds in the raised bed that had the most dirt and hoped for the best. When we returned, I had 6 lima bean plants growing great!

I was so happy. I have watered them every other day unless it rains, and I sprinkle them with baby powder to keep the ants off. I definitely have insects eating my plants but I want to use a semi-organic method. I tossed in a handful of spinach and mixed greens too and I have about ten of those plants growing in the same bed as well. If I can keep the bugs and animals from eating them, I might have a little harvest in a month or so.

I just planted a few more lima beans, pumpkins, and peppers. I’m saving my carrots and spinach for when it gets a little colder, it’s already getting to be 98 degrees here on a regular basis. I already have four pumpkins and one lima bean plant sprouting which makes me so excited. Even though I didn’t get to plant the huge wish list I had, I still have had success this year and I’m still learning as I go. I would love advice and suggestions.


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