Garden update

So I have been wondering when to start harvesting my spinach. The package says they are giant noble spinach but they are not getting much bigger than this. I have problems with the leaves turning yellow and of course insects, so I researched spinach last night and learned that I have been handling them while they are wet which is turning them yellow.

Note to self: Do not handle wet plants


My lima beans seem to be doing well. They are developing little baby pods on them so I’m getting excited. I’ve tried to keep the leaves in good condition by sprinkling baby powder over them. I have a major, major ant problem. Like a serious ant problem. Every day I have to go out and do my best to get them to move away but they love the moisture rich soil in my beds. So I use baby powder and kitchen scraps to keep them out of my bed. I also didn’t know until yesterday that my lima beans were “bush” and not “pole”. I’ve been trying to force them to grow on a trellis but couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t. Umm, maybe because they are bush beans : ). So around the second week of July I should have a few pods that are ready but we will see.


Bird Attack Update: Since I was robbed, twice, by birds of my seeds and seedlings, I started feeding a stray cat we named Kitty to keep the birds away and I haven’t had a problem with birds since then. I tried to snap a pic today but to no avail.

I threw a few pumpkin seeds in the garden just to see if they would grow and they are actually. I didn’t do much research on them before planting. I think they may be too close together so I might have to make a hard choice at some point but for now I’m enjoying watching them grow.



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