Hello July

It must be July because we are smoking down here in the South. I don’t mean fires, but the temperature today was 107 degrees. That’s ridiculous. The leaves on my poor plants have been wilting but I started watering them every morning and night and it has definitely made a difference. I read somewhere that extreme heat will stop bean production so I have been soaking them around the roots to keep them cool. Extreme heat like this is something we aren’t used to here. My pole beans have all turned yellow. I’m not sure why. Maybe too much water. I’ve never planted anything there before so I guess it’s not blight…

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I also figured out that grouping pumpkin plants together more closely seems to make them grow bigger. My plants that are spaced out a lot are not growing as fast. They should be ready by middle of September.

My mom brought me a present the other day. It’s a vegetable planting guide from UGA’s Cooperative Extension office. It gives me a spring and fall planting dates on plants native to Georgia and I love this thing already. Here is the link in case you are reading this from Georgia.

My husband has never been super supportive of my gardening until now. But now that we actually have some things growing he is ready to get his hands dirty. Now I’m really getting excited because when your husband supports what you do, it makes your life so much easier. He even set up table and chairs outside for us to sit and watch everything grow, AND he’s ready to get Spring chickens..yay!

Late Summer/Fall Seed Planting List:


Okra- Must go in ground by Sunday



Cherry Tomatoes- Must be in ground by next week


Dark Green Squash






Major issues so far: Sugar Ants, baby flies, or insects, birds. I’ve been using organic baby powder all over my vegetables to get rid of the bugs and it seems to work. But once it rains you must re-apply.


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