Pumpkin problems like mine from a friend’s blog.

Auburn Meadow Farm

I broke ground on a new garden this year, and I will admit the goings have been mixed. Some things have been great, and others not so great.

Great? The years and years accumulation of organic composted cow manure we shoveled out of the old barn and spread on the garden. The soil is flat, nicely aerated,  gets great sun and the creek is nearby for irrigation.

The new plot is in an open, fairly unsupervised location far from human habitation and near to the creek. While it is a sizable drop to the creek from the garden, a short stroll brings you easily to a quiet pool deep enough for a hefty drink and a leisurely bath.

I planted corn, fodder beets and two kinds of pumpkins, and have been grooming a future site for a sizable strawberry patch.  While our start was a little slow due to the drought…

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