Holiday Quickie: Using the email spammers to your advantage



It drives me mad. Being constantly inundated with sales that last 24 hour only or one day only..blah, blah.  I just want to reach through my computer and scream at whatever asshole thinks it’s cool to give a working mother who will be lucky to get 5 minutes in the bathroom alone a 24 hour deadline to save 20% on anything. Usually it takes me days to even find the time to open the damn thing. But anywho, This post is about using these annoying spammers to your advantage.

Today is December 4th. In my world, that means Christmas Crunch time. This is the time of year that I pick out my favorite stores and toys stores of course and sign up for their email newsletters. Usually you get some sort of discount like 10-20% for just signing up. If you plan on buying from that store anyway, that helps you out a little. Then you get daily or weekly emails on deals that are happening this month or going on right now. Since I’m in full on shopping mode right now (My child has a Christmas Eve Birthday), I try to take advantage of these little discounts since I’m buying so much this month.

This month I signed up for Old Navy, Toys R Us, Victoria Secret, Hallmark, and Michael’s Craft Store.

BEWARE: Michael’s Craft Store is the biggest overemailer ever! They will email you at 5:00am on a deal that lasts until 6:00pm only AND they do it multiple times a week! I have already unsubscribed to them.

At the end of the month, I cancel! I go through all my newsletters and unsubscribe. Sometimes you do have to do it more than once, especially when you sign up for places that have multiple companies under one umbrella like Old Navy which includes Banana Republic, The Gap, and two others I never shop with.

Have you ever done this to help save money??

What stores drive you crazy with too many newsletters??

What other websites are good to join for the Holidays?



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