Holiday Guilty Pleasure

My favorite holiday guilty pleasure is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. For the past four years, I have made it a point to watch it. I had a man ask me “Isn’t it just a lingerie show?.” Ummm….NO! It a fashion show. Even if the models are wearing lingerie, they are also wearing costumes that designers spent a year painstakingly putting together for a one night fashion event.  Look models spend days standing perfectly still so the costume designers can perfect their looks. Millions of dollars are poured into the event in the hopes of a recuperation in sales this holiday season. It’s a big deal!! Find the looks here

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show:

AdrianaLima CandiceSwanepoel DoutzenKroes CaraDelevingne2013-victorias-secret-fashion-show-lily-donaldson 2013+Victoria+Secret+Fashion+Show+Show+twGUq2lBdg9l victorias-secret-fashion-show-2013-adriana-lima-sohelee26


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