Honor thy giveaways…please?

Have you ever been part of an online giveaway and the blogger never announced the winner?

I follow a blogger that I absolutely love and she recently paired up with a rug company for a giveaway on her blog.  We had to share, like, repost, tweet, and follow for her blog and the rug company to be entered to win. After jumping through those many hoops, I waited to find out when the winner would be announced as there was no official date set.  She set a date finally of two weeks from the start of the giveaway. It’s now almost 4 weeks later and we have yet to hear of the winner for the contest.

Even though I love her blog and think the rug company is great, I feel a little scammed. Like the giveaway was just a rouse to gain followers and recognition with no intention of honoring the giveaway.

Now I’m in a weird place. Do I reach out and ask what’s up? Or do I just suck it up. I value my newsfeed and what is published on my behalf.

Are we coming to a place where likes, posts, follows, and tweets are more important than honoring our commitments to readers?




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