Wow, May has been busy!

Whew! I can’t believe that we have been so busy this month. I went through my pics to see what to add and I can’t believe it’s all happened in the last three weeks. As the weekend approaches, my final event for the month is coming up. Tomorrow is The Georgia JugFest. It’s a folk pottery festival in my hometown. There will be pottery, music, food vendors, carriages to look at, corn husk doll makers, basket weavers and more. I am in charge of organizing the annual chicken que. The Chicken Que raises much needed funds for the restoration of our old courthouse. I’ll have some pics to follow shortly. For now, here is the latest:



My long time friend, Christy got married! 


I made a huge birthday cake for the wife of my husband’s co-worker. It was my first like this so it took me about six hours to make. 


We finished our parental duties as coaches of our son’s wee ball team. Everyone got awards and we rented a bounce house for the kids to enjoy at the team party. 


And last but certainly not least, my baby boy graduated from Head Start and will start Pre-K in the Fall. My eyes fill with tears when I think of how fast we has grown up. The first couple years seemed like an eternity but now they just pass by so fast. He is our only child and I try to savor the moments because they go by way too quickly. 


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