The Changing Workplace

I have worked for the same small business since college and with almost the exact same crew. Give or a take a few people, we as a group would basically do everything together and because we worked in the service industry, we spent every government and normal holidays together because we always were working.  Over the last 6 months change has taken over our little family.

Two members of the clan moved out of state, a couple got fired, one or two quit. Now we have this mix of new and old and the dynamic isn’t the same. I know that work is work but these people become family for better or worse. As long as everyone gets the job done, we all get along in harmony. I miss the good ole’ days and I’m nervous about the future. I have this inherent distrust of outsiders (newbies) because I haven’t been convinced that they are working toward the one goal we all follow- make as much money for the business as you can so we all end up making more money. It’s that simple but many people don’t get it. We are a small business and everyone is taken care of well, so the more the company makes, the more we make. For some reason we still have slackers that don’t take this seriously and unfortunately those people don’t have a giant sign over there head that says “Hey, I suck. Fire me immediately!” So we have to slowly figure out whose stealing, whose lazy, etc….

In the meantime, I’m gonna be plugging alone with my work until the slacker show themselves.





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