I’ve been doing some soul searching for a while now. I’ve felt like my career field has been slowly pulling me under the water for a while now. I’m surrounded by negative people always complaining and bosses that change their mind as much as their underwear. Structure for this business has been missing for years and it seems like the end is not near but we are definitely headed down that road. I was very bitter about the fact that I went to bat for the company when I saw someone trying to rip “us” off but only to have the bossman decide to let the person do it to us anyway. Now I have decided that all the complaining and upset feelings really mean nothing. Unfortunately, the powers that be refuse to get their head out of their ass and see reason. Arrogance and Selfishness has replaced compassion and nothing can change it now. After five years of calling this place home, I’m looking for a new kind of home.

I’ve been struggling with the hours of the day since my son started school. He was in head start last year and will be in Pre-K this year. I’m supposed to be chained to my desk until 5. My child gets out of school at 2:30. I live 45 minutes away from my work. There are no family members in the city I live in to help. You can do the math. This was a big problem last year and it will only continue in the future. With no reliable options for daycare and very few providers, I’m left with a huge dilemma.  But I decided that I would let God take over this problem. I’ve been praying about it and I plan to start substitute teaching in my town this Fall. That will put me closer to a schedule with my child and eliminate the hour drive each day. Although the money is terrible and we will probably struggle, I hope to get my teaching certificate and earn more while going back to get my Masters.

I”ve always has a passion for blogging. I love reading them during the day. I can get lost in post after post when I come across one that I love. I hope this new found extra time will allow me to do more of what I love and God will make sure that I have all that I need.




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