2014 Reflections..New Year’s Resolutions

Although I have a lot I want to accomplish in 2015, my thoughts immediately go into a reflection period of what I accomplished in 2014. Last January, I was at one of the lowest points of my life. After much therapy, retail and otherwise, I decided to make some huge life chances and shred my selfish ways to become the mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend I wanted to be. I made some huge changes in my life like returning to church and quitting my career to take a part time secretary job at my son’s school so I could have more time to spend with him and my family. My husband and I have grown so much over the last year in every aspect that I can think of. I still get teary-eyed when I think of how far my family has come in just 12 short months. I helped coach my son’s baseball team, attended three bible study classes and kept my niece and nephew many times to help my sister get a break. I put my family’s needs over the needs of outside factors and it has made such a huge difference. By this I mean, I chose to spend less time blogging and volunteering because those things usually pulled me away during my “awake” hours and as a result, I was usually too tired after a full day to blog. Plus, what I blog about isn’t about saving the world or my wardrobe. I just blog as a release. Kinda like an outline diary.

But the few things that I want to focus on for 2015:

1. Increasing my energy level. With all the changes I’ve made, I thought my energy level would increase but I’m still eating too much fatty, sugary, starchy foods and I have to continue to change that. I’ve been drinking green smoothies for the past week and taking daily vitamins which have started to help I think. I’m sure over time, this will get better.

2. Remember that your job is not your family or friends. Because I have always loved getting really involved at work, it is hard for me to always treat it like what it is, a job to pay the rent. I’ve made the mistake of trying to make friends and spending way too many hours trying to solve work problems that make little difference in the grand scheme of life. By continuing treat coworkers as what they are, coworkers and my boss as my boss, and not staying late every day of every week, I have more energy and time to solve real world problems like mastering the art of making play doh and planting a second row of spinach in the backyard.

So cheers to you 2015! Let’s make it a good one!


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