Sleepless on Steroids-The joys of antibiotics.

Do anyone else have a hard time sleeping when taking steroids?

After an eventful Christmas day, I started to feel kinda congested with a head cold. I’ve suffered from chronic sinus infections since getting pregnant in 2009 (never had sinus trouble before). They usually always end up with me having to go to the quick med, taking rounds of antibiotics, missing work, etc, etc.

I tried green smoothies, a humidifier, hot showers, nasal sprays, mucinex and still found myself at the quick med on New Year’s Eve with not only the official prognosis of sinusitis but pink eye to boot-Happy New Year to us, right.

After a week of antibiotics, I do feel much better but the steroids are killing me. They make me eat constantly and stay awake. I’m only taking them once a day now but for the past week I’ve had little sleep due to taking them twice a day.

On the plus side, they give you a little energy boost. So I’ve been completely caught up on vacuuming, dishes, laundry, and dinner all week- I even gave our outside dogs a bath!


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