Sunday Inspiration


I started my Sunday out right today. Woke up before 5am with no alarm and spent the next hour watching and practicing yoga in the living room.

I started off my workout with a great video just to get me started. It’s a short morning routine featuring yoga instructor Krista Starr. It was a little advanced for me but the music was great and the flow made me feel inspired! I also downloaded the “yoga workout” channel on my pandora to help keep me motivated.217857af029137a3fd099f640714308b

I then worked on my sun salutation for a little while. Getting back into yoga takes a lot of practice and discipline. I worked on my balance and flexibility practicing as many moves and my body would allow. It’s kinda like the whole riding the bike thing, you might not be steady and first but it will come back to you slowly. I work at a desk most of the day during the week so I focused on back, neck and shoulder stretches.

I finished up with a little pilates just to make me feel like a burned a little fat this morning.

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Even though I did eat grits and sausage for breakfast (bad, I know), I did wash it down with water and a handful of multivitamins. My hope is to continue to commit myself to these morning workouts because my body already feels better. Although my energy level isn’t what I would hope, I think this will improve over time.

Happy Sunday!


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