Soothing Soup Recipe

I woke up on this beautiful Valentine’s Day morning, I’m being facetious-it was actually a very cold morning. A chilly 25 degrees to be exact.., with a sore throat. I downed three cups of coffee hoping it would just go away but to no avail. I had a romantic lunch time Sushi date with my husband at our favorite restaurant followed by ice cream and a long nap. The one thing about living in Georgia is the constant sinus problems. We have a lot of really hot days that trick our trees, grass and other nature into believing it’s time to disperse pollen and then the temperature drops to 20 degrees at night. This is an ongoing cycle for us here. I actually wanted to research today if we are the state that sells the most sinus medication in the United States. We have to be at least at the top.

Copyright: Food Network

Copyright: Food Network

To soothe my sore throat, I made a pot of green cauldron soup. This is a recipe that I got back in October when I watched the Halloween episode of Farmhouse Rules. I LOVE Food Network especially simple recipes. In this episode Nancy makes a batch on broccoli and cheese soup for a murder mystery party. I’ve made this recipe at least three times since October. It is very good, easy to digest and simple to make.

I’m a firm believer in working with what you got. Some of my favorite kitchen recipes have some from me just working with what I had. So here are a few tweaks I made to the recipe:

I did substitute the soft herbed cheese with regular ol’ sharp cheddar. The closest thing to soft cheese around here is kraft mozzarella and I’m not driving for an hour to pick up the “right” kind of cheese. It’s just as good with 2 cups of regular sharp cheddar.

I also don’t have an immersion blender. Or a food processor. Or a normal sized blender. I scooped out the tender broccoli and onion pieces and blended them in batches in my single serving blender that I use to make smoothies. It turned out just fine.


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