When it rains.


Breakfast session

You know that saying-When it rains, it pours. I do. It does seem like bad things tend to build up and explode on you all at once. At least they do for me. I spent 4 days in Savannah for a work conference and although I had a blast, it was the prequel to some rough times. First, my phone broke up with me. It’s been on the fritz for a while but decided to dump me completely this weekend. Just like a scorned ex-boyfriend, it left me with no way of getting my photos, videos, or contacts-definitely a bummer. Second, my identity was stolen. I couldn’t figure out why in the hell turbo tax would not let me submit. I called the IRS, waited 27 minutes, spoke with someone who put me on hold, we got disconnected, I called back and couldn’t get through again. Sooo..I called the next day, waited for 1 hour and 2 minutes to speak to a lady who told me that I was a victim of identity theft and that someone had filed a fraudulent return on me in 2013 (We didn’t file in 2013). I was shocked and saddened. It will be roughly 180 days before they can process this year’s return after I turn in my identity theft affidavit which will take 4-6 weeks to process. Third, my heating element went out in my dryer. The good news is that I ordered a replacement that will be here in 5-10 business days. Until then, I’m bumming some heat from my sister’s dryer. help_a_1

Fourth, I was told by one of my bosses that many teachers that work in another building (not even in my department) are anger that I got to attend a conference about my job. I know that professional jealousy is just a part of life but seriously?. What the hell is wrong with people? . It’s like they have the mean girls syndrome. More like a cross between mean girls and the bitchy housewives of “The Help” They are unhappy so they want you to be unhappy too.mean-girls

So I did what I always do-call my mama, ate junk food, and drank some wine. Chalking it up to a crappy week, scraping the mud off my face and reminded myself that haters gonna hate-I must be doing something right.


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