Garden Recipes: Zucchini Bread

Image-1 (2) I have grown zucchini since I started gardening four years ago. I still remember my first garden. It was two garden boxes that my Dad built for me. They were way too long and wide. It costs me almost $100 to fill them up with “good” soil because I didn’t know anything about manure or compost. I was so proud of my very first tomatoes and squash. I even grew some lima beans and my son and I sat on our kitchen floor and picked them out of their little pods.

Image-1 (1)

I got these from Kroger in the damaged section. They might not look pretty but they taste great!

Since I have never eaten zucchini by itself before and I love to bake, I made some zucchini bread. This recipe is moist and sweet. It is a favorite for my family. My husband (who never brags about anything) told his co-workers that I make the best zucchini bread ever!Got this zucchini from Kroger in the damaged

The one disclaimer about this recipe, and I don’t want to sound like a Martha Stewart because all my recipes are super simple and easy, if you use store bought zucchini, be prepared for less moisture. Garden fresh zucchini is super moist and it makes your batter very wet before going into the pan. It still takes great but I had this experience when we got hooked ob zucchini bread over the Summer and I tried to replicate it this Winter.

What are your favorite garden recipes?


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