Weekly Reflections

This post is a little late because I was a little preoccupied with my broken phone, broken dryer, and stolen tax refund.

Parents that travel for work.

I was in Savannah for a work conference for only four days and you would have thought I was locked up never to see my family again. I was constantly calling, texting and skyping to make sure they were surviving without me. When I got home, my husband informed me that my son had been asking when I was coming home. He said they don’t missed me terribly and that he appreciated all the things I do for them which brought me great joy for sure. I thought about all the prep work I did to prepare to leave for this trip which wasn’t even a whole week-cleaning the whole house, doing all laundry, buying enough groceries to last them, leaving emergency cash, pick up arrangements for my son’s school day, notes to get the parents at the baseball practice I would miss, etc, etc. All that work for just a few days away.

It made me think about all of those working parents out there that travel a lot for work. What they must feel when they are away from their children so much. The activities that they miss, the lunches they don’t get to pack, the bedtime stories that someone else has to read their children because they are not there, the amount of tears they must cry because they miss all these things and more. All in the name of supporting their family. To give them the things they need, like lights and running water and things they want, like an Xbox or Elsa dolls. All the sacrifices that they make-that the whole family makes. I don’t see how they do it. And I don’t mean that in an ugly way. I just think that they are such strong people. I envy that strength. I was a pile of mush after 4 days. I was ready to just steal a car and drive 100 miles an hour home just to get to see my little boy a few hours sooner. I guess the kids and the spouses get used to all the travel after a while though. It probably becomes the norm. But still, parents that travel for work are incredibly brave and strong people-what they do is such a sacrifice.


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